What are luxury mink lashes?

What are luxury mink lashes?

Luxury Mink Lashes are the best quality mink eyelash in the market. Not every Mink lash Vendors can do this work. From the raw material to products, every mink fur and each pair of lashes are selected and tested by the QC team. And today, Rolex eyelashes will tell you what is the real Luxury Mink Lash.<<Why Do I Have To Choose Chinese Brand Eyelashes>>

First, the raw material.

The luxury mink lashmust use the top grade young mink fur from young mink. Which is fluffy, long and dramatic.

Second, unique style.

The luxury mink eyelashes can not be easy copied by the other Mink Lashes Vendors, and our mink lash are all designed by our own designer.

Third, Service life.

The real luxury mink lash can be used for more than 25 times. And if you use the bad mink lashes they can only be used for one time.

Fourth, long-lasting stereotypes.

All the luxury mink eyelashes are long-lasting 3D effect, not matter what are wet or dry, they still show personality and charming to you.

Fifth, waterproof.

Our luxury mink lash are all waterproof, so you can swim with them,and when you dry them, you can still reuse them.

Sixth,100% Hand made mink lashes.

The luxury mink lash are all made by hand, if you buy the 3D Mink Lash made by machine, that will lose soul and cheap.

Seventh, Light and comfortable.

The raw material if from the young mink, which is super soft and gorgeous. Make sure you can make a professional eye makeup.

Eighth, Sterile products.

All the luxury mink eyelash should be sterilized. And have no irritation to your eyelash and skin. They are healthy luxury mink lash. But if you buy the bad lashes, they are treated by chemical liquid to make the 3D effect, that will do harm to your eye skin, More seriously, your eyelash will blind.

Eyelash Vendors
Eyelash Vendors

Who supply luxury 3D Mink Eyelashes?

There are few Luxury Mink Lashes Vendor you can find in the market, no matter you search on Google or Amazon, most of the mink lashes are just ordinary ones, not the Luxury 3D Mink Lashes.

Because the Real Luxury Mink Lash can be easily copied by the other Mink Eyelash Vendors,

If you want to compare them with our mink lashes, you can make a order to test the real mink eyelash from Rolex Lashes.

There are some real mink lash vendor in China, and if you want to get the real mink eyelash factory, we can help you find the real Luxury 3D Mink Lashes Factory who supply the real luxury mink lashes.

If you know Lilly Lashes, you will find our mink eyelash are much better than Lilly Lashes, and few mink eyelash vendors can design and produce these mink lashes.

If you want to get the Luxury Mink Lashes Vendor List, contact us by WhatsApp.

Mink Eyelash Vendors
Mink Eyelash Vendors

Where to buy Lilly Lashes Goddess luxury mink lashes?

As one of the best mink lashes vendor in the world, Rolex Lash supply too many mink eyelashes to the Lashes Vendor From the USA such as Lilly Lashes.

So if you want to buy Lilly Lashes Goddess mink lash with cheap wholesale price, you can contact with us, we will supply best quality as same as Lilly Lashes.

If you want to supply the real Lilly mink lashes to your customers and if you want to be famous as Lilly Lashes, choose Rolex Lashes, we will help you start your mink lashes business line step by step.

Lashes Vendor
Lashes Vendor

What do the luxury mink lash wholesale cost?

We have the top grade luxury lashes, which cost too much than the other ordinary eyelash vendor, and if you want to buy the natural mink lash that will cost 6USD each pair, and our 20MM Luxury mink eyelash cost 7 USD each pair, 25MM 3D Mink Lash cost 8 USD each pair.

If you want to buy 6D Luxury lashes, that will cost 12 USD each pair.

You must wonder, why our luxury mink eyelash are so expensive than the cheap one.

Wholesale Mink Lashes
Wholesale Mink Lashes

Let me show you the secret:

First, all the luxury mink fur hair is selected one by one.

Second, all made by hand, our skilled workers can only produce 10 pairs a day.

And no one can do this top hand made work in China.

Third, our designer Oscar is the first man in the lashes industry. Only he can design these luxury mink lash in the market.

No one can instead him, and he know the beauty of woman, he can get the ideas form the flower and use the ideas and structures to the luxury mink eyelash.

So our luxury 3D Mink Lash are unique in the market. No one can copy our luxury mink eyelash.

Anyone can tell the difference between our luxury mink lash and the common mink eyelash.

Mink Lashes Wholesale
Mink Lashes Wholesale

Which lashes are better? Luxury Faux mink lashes or Luxury mink eyelashes?

Some girl said the luxury mink eyelash are much better than the Luxury Faux Mink Lash because they are vegan and cruelty-Free.

In fact, both are vegan and cruelty-free lashes, and the faux mink eyelash are make of synthetic fiber which looks like the real mink fur.

If you choose the luxury faux mink lashes, they are a little bit cheap than the luxury lashes, because the material is a little bit cheaper than the synthetic fur.

But it hard to say that everyone love the real luxury eyelash, so some vegan girls would like to choose the luxury faux mink eyelash instead of the real mink fur.

So you should test the market, and you will get your own answer which one do your customer love.

Never make decision by your idea, you should listen to your market.

Wholesale Lash Vendors
Wholesale Lash Vendors

May I have your luxury mink lash review?

We have more than 300 popular luxury eyelash in the market, all are tested by our customers, if you want to get the eyelash review, you can add our salesman to get the updated luxury mink eyelash reviews.

We collect too many real luxury mink lash reviews from our customer, you can add WhatsApp to get the real luxury eyelash review form the market.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale
Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

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