What Should You Do With Eyelash Vendor’s New Year Holiday Coming?

What Should You Do With Eyelash Vendor’s New Year Holiday Coming?

China’s new year is coming, we are about to usher in a 10 day New Year holiday! Have you replenished your Eyelash Vendors? Many of my customers have already started to take action! As a wholesaler of eyelashes for a long time, you should replenish the inventory in time for your eyelashes business! So how do you deal with the coming Chinese New Year holiday?

Not only do you need to replenish your inventory in time, but as an experienced Mink Lashes Vendor, we are also well prepared for our upcoming holiday! That’s why we get good customer feedback. You can have a look at our customer feedback! 》When every holiday comes, we will inform our customers in time and make them ready! Now let me tell you what preparation you should make!

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Our new year’s holiday is 10 days, so you should ask your Eyelash Vendors for the specific holiday time, so that you can judge whether you need a large number of Wholesale Mink Lashes! After you ask about the specific vacation time, you should prepare your list and send it to your Lash Vendors in time to let them have enough time to prepare for you! Generally, if you only order eyelashes, we will arrange delivery immediately after receiving your payment, and you will receive your order in 5-7 working days!

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging Box

And if you need a large number of Wholesale Eyelashes and Customize Your Own Eyelash Box, you need to send your order form to your Mink Lash Vendors in time, and they need anything you should reply in time, so as to ensure that you can arrange your order in time! Because the Custom Eyelash Packaging needs production time, you need to Design Your Own Mink Eyelash Logo And Brand Name》 in time, in a reasonable production time plus transportation time, your Wholesale Lash Vendors needs to accurately calculate whether you can receive your order before the holiday! This is what a professional Eyelash Vendor should do!

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