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False eyelashes possible harm

False eyelashes possible harm 

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False eyelashes are important for ladies,beautiful eyelashes can make girl’s eyes more attractive.So, there are so many eyelashes products like false eyelashes, mascara cream,real and so on.Many girls are tired of artificial False eyelashes,They prefer to eyelash grow, is it harmful to our health?

Girls must clearly understand that the principle of eyelash grow is isolating permanent from Hindbrain,then grow it to damage part of False eyelashes.if the survival rate is highly,so the eyelashes are more good-looking.if the survival rate is low,so the eyelashes are terrible-looking.Now, eyelash grow is often mistaken for eyelash fact,eyelash grow and eyelash extension has a fundamentally different,eyelash extension is using special glue to paste the false eyelashes to our natural eyelashes one by one.It is comfortable to our eyes.But eyelash grow is an operation,we need to grow the hair follicle into eyes,It has a certain dangerous nature.

1:Many organizations say that they bring in the technology of Unit Extraction from developed countries.But in fact,Most of them have no professional practice.Maybe they just watched few video teaching.So,without guarantee of security is a big hazard of eyelash grow.

2:Eyelash grow may produce a series of complications,such as: nerve injury of eyes,infections silk eyelashes is growing the hair follicle into eyes,it is an operation, it is easy to hurt our eyes,and leads to infection.

3:The survival rate of eyelash grow is, many ladies said that ,there are only 5-6 hairs survive within 3 months after mink eyelashes grow.Generally,the growth cycle of eyelash is about 3-9 months. 3 months is about one third of eyelashes growth cycle,in other words,even if the eyelashes are considered dormant at present,there should be some effect.This tells us the survival rate of eyelash grow is low.It lead to only a few eyelash grow up.So the eyelash will irregular and chipped.

4:Inverted eyelashes False eyelashes means eyelashes grow in the opposite direction,It will poke our eyes,generally,our natural eyelashes grow outward.inverted eyelashes is very rare.Because silk eyelashes grow is planting other hair follicle into eyes,If we do not control the correct direction when grow the  hair follicle,It will hurt our eyes,and lead to uncomfortable even addition,inverted eyelashes will tousle our eyelashes without sense of beauty.

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3D Mink Lash Everything You Want To Know

3D Mink Lash Everything You Want To Know:Many girls mention 3d mink lash, in their mind will appear thick smoke nightclub wind. In fact, the scope of application of 3d mink lashes more widely than we imagine, not only the charming electric eye in the stage, false eyelashes in the daily makeup also plays a very important role, to the hands of a skilled rooted false eyelashes or even Can be much more natural than mascara, and do not have to worry about cream rub removal on the face,when it is stifling.

So how to choose, how to wear, how to make it mix with their own lashes seemed completely natural, the test time of technology is coming 3D Mink Lash.

Material 3D Mink Lash is very important

3D Mink Lash available on the market can be described as a variety of materials,In addition to the more popular artificial fibers, there are horse hair (relatively stiff), mink hair (soft), fox fur (mostly color), dog hair pig hair Three domestic black factories), human hair (…), and various exaggerated bird feathers for stage makeup. One of the most recommended is real hair, first of all, because human hair is the most natural , and secondly when paint mascara,human hair is easier to  painted better than artificial hair.

Style determines your style 3D Mink Lash:False eyelashes like a fan will look very heavy makeup, daily makeup is enough to use a natural paragraph, and chicken feet section is nude makeup artifact, one eye affixed to two or three summary, totally natural, without 3D Mink Lash traces.Words so much, you can get started 3d mink lashes, or to practice in order to grasp the truth.

First you have to:

A pair of false eyelashes. Eyelash glue (here recommended DUO brand, reputation is good, fast dry is not easy to fall, more than half a minute milky white liquid will become transparent, but the taste a little strange ..) Eyelash curler used to trim the small scissors

Arc mouth tweezers

Installation steps:
Eyelash curler with their own eyelashes to clip a folder, who do not want to stick to a double , very scary. First with the scissors to trim false eyelashes, make it to adapt to the length of their own eyes, the standardized production of wool certainly can not fit everyone’s eye type, you can put false eyelashes in the mirror on the eyes. Glue. Use tweezers to prevent the hand shaking, do not to let the glue run on the eyelashes. Wait half a minute to one minute, at which time the glue will become translucent. Tie it up with tweezers and keep it as close as you can to the root. (Posted below the real eyelashes will be more natural) to start a slight adjustment, pay attention to eyes and eye tail to fit. The last step, enjoy.

After the installation, you can paint eyeliner, pay attention to fill the roots of eyelashes. You can also brush mascara according to your mood, let true eyelashes and false eyelashes blind together.
It should be noted when take off your make-up, do not pull the fake eyelashes with violence, pull a few times you become non-ciliary body.

Remover steps:

Soak a piece of cotton pad with eye and lip remover.

Like a panda Apply on the eyes. Wait ten seconds. At this time the glue has softened slowly, you can gently take off the 3d mink lashes. If false eyelashes are expensive, clean the glue and the makeup ,put back on the box for next time use.

Here recommended Rolexlashes quick eye makeup remover, specifically for sensitive parts of the eye, very gentle, does not stimulate the skin. When used must remember to moisten the cotton pads for a few seconds, take it easy, do not violent. . .